Rainbow Nails You Can Be Proud Of This June

Just like there are many colors of the rainbows, there are many, many, amazing rainbow nail art ideas to choose from. Check out our favorite designs to show off your pride!

1. Rainbow Skies

Somewhere, over the rainbow, the manicurist of your dreams is waiting to do this amazing nail art on your hands. Just make sure her skin isn’t green.

2. Technicolor French Tips

Yesterday your nails were duller, now everything’s…TECHNICOLOR! Wait, you haven’t had “What Dreams Are Made Of” from The Lizzie McGuire Movie stuck in your head?

3. Watercolor Nails

Put those Crayola skills to the test! Or, if it’s giving you flashbacks to your mean third grade art teacher, leave this one to the  professionals.

4. Rainbow Waves

This manicure will have you staring at wavy patterns and bright colors all day. No magic mushrooms necessary! Unless that’s your thing?

5. Rainbow Tie Dye Nails

Tie-dye is a classic summer activity. But getting it as a manicure instead of DIY-ing some t-shirts will keep you from scrubbing dye off of  your hands for the next three days.

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