15 Spooky Salem Airbnbs That May or May Not Be Haunted

1. JPaul House

Let’s get this out of the way — the Hocus Pocus house, which is actually the Ropes Mansion, is not on Airbnb. Built in 1755, this house is just steps away from where the Sanderson sisters got their witch on.

2. Salem House

Built in the 1850s, the Salem House was originally designed for a sea captain. We don’t know if house is haunted by the ghost of his wife, but we don’t not know it either, you know?

3. Henry Thurston House

This downtown Salem home, the Henry Thurston House, is another 1850s find. Salem may be rife with cemetery tours, but you’ll be one step ahead of the other tourists because you have a graveyard in your backyard.

4. Henry Derby House

While sleeping up there, the owner used to have dreams of a spirit trapped on that level. And another employee who slept on the floor would find imprints of someone sitting on her bed in the morning.

5. John Edwards House

This old-fashioned beauty is perfect for large groups. But if you hear footsteps on the stairs at 2 am, maybe climb into bed with a buddy.

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