These Fall Nail Designs May Be Short, But They're Big On Style

Fall is synonymous with shorter days, which means shorter nails. See what we did there? You’ll have your hands full with autumnal activities, and you don’t want a broken nail to ruin the perfect selfie at the pumpkin patch. Looking gourd-geous has never been simpler than it is with these short fall nails.

1. Glitter Harvest Nails

Sometimes spicing up your life looks like naming yourself after something on your kitchen spice rack and then marrying David Beckham. Other times, it looks like pumpkin spice nails.

2. Ghost in the Garden Nails

If the Goombas from Super Mario Brothers met the ghosts from Pac-Man, they would look like this. Both of them are tired of running and need a nap, stat. Good thing nails are known for being soft and plushy.

3. Berry Nails

Berries aren’t just for summer anymore. They are plum-sitively decadent. Think of them as maroon’s younger, hipper sister. Can we say it? Yeah, she's Gen Z.

4. Horror Movie Nails

Is your Halloween movie of choice Scream or Hocus Pocus? Either way, we can all agree that there’s nothing scarier than finding out your favorite Halloween candy is sold out at Target.

5. Chicken Nails

Maybe we’ll finally find out why the chicken crossed the road. Or maybe we’ll just mind our own business and keep picking apples.

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