These Simple Fall Nail Designs Are The Stunning Solution For Your Packed Schedule

Our Instagram feeds have been swept away by simple Fall nail designs as the first hints of Autumn draw near. Turning leaves, Halloween, pumpkin spice—Fall is entering the chat with a witch’s cackle and a wicked brew. You can try to leave her on read all you want, but she's relentless.

1. Pumpkin Chrome Nails

This manicure is utterly hypnotizing—and looks delicious. Behold the chrome, served with an orange twist on the rocks. This mesmerizing mani makes us think of a futuristic Creamsicle. We love how everyone's vision of the future is just: shiny.

2. Ghostly Tips

Ghosts often get a bad reputation for being spooky troublemakers. Perhaps they’re just misunderstood, like Casper in the beloved Christina Ricci classic. Regardless, these ghostly tips are an adorable way to celebrate the coming of Halloween.

3. Earth Tone Tips

The naked nail is everywhere this Fall, just like our PSLs. These French tips done in vibrant primary tones will save us from drowning in seasonal neutrals. We haven't covered the pool yet.

4. Cider Nails

These cider-colored nails call to mind the movie "Cider House Rules" starring Tobey Maguire. That's it. That about sums up all we know about that movie. But we also know that this cider-inspired manicure rules.

5. The Night Sky Glitter Manicure

This design evokes the magic of the night sky. The opaque black nails and glitter serve some gothic glamour while the gentle accents on the tips look like the phases of the moon.

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