21 Simple Halloween Nails That Don't Skimp On Style

While costumes are generally reserved for Halloween day, you can show appreciation for the season with a few bottles of polish, a little patience, and those ten little canvases you have built onto the ends of your fingers. Enter: simple Halloween nails. From strategic color schemes with spider webs and ombre tones, to adorable illustrations of ghosts, bats, and pumpkins, here are our favorite manicures for the spooky season.

1. Spider Web Nails

If spider webs in real life were this glam, we wouldn’t mind accidentally walking through them. Peter Parker, talk to your product designers.

2. Halloween Mix-N-Match Nails

Like plunging your hand into a bowl of assorted mini candies, this varied set of nails has something fun for everyone. Bonus, there’s no danger of accidentally grabbing a Tootsie Roll. The horror.

3. Raven Nails

These nails are so impressive that we can’t even be mad that we just spent 30 minutes going down Google rabbit holes on the differences between ravens and crows. And trying to figure out if we could pull off that pointy hat and frilly collar. Is it delulu to think we can?

4. Warm Fall Colors

This warm, shimmery color scheme is a perfect compliment to how warm and fuzzy we feel when we see this cute ghost and curly q pumpkin vine. Yeah, sure, it could be the wine.

5. Frankenstein Nails

We know, we know. Frankenstein is the creator, not the monster. But we tried walking around with pictures of a deranged scientist on our fingers and just got some weird looks.

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