Dress Up As Your Favorite Star Wars Characters Without Crossing Over To The Dark Side With These Costumes

Whether you're with the Empire or the Rebellion, putting together a group costume or dressing solo (insert Han Solo joke here), we've got some incredible Star Wars costumes to inspire you. These amazing creations represent some of the most beloved (and one of the most hated) characters in the Star Wars pantheon. As super fans, we love them all.

The Lake gown is one of Padme's most beautiful dresses, and makes for an eye-turning super soft Star Wars costume. Just don't be surprised when your date gripes about how much he dislikes sand all night long. We get it, Anakin.

1. Padme and Anakin

Sabine Wren offers so many fun options for accessorizing—long hair or short, helmet or not. You could even carry a can of spray paint with you. Just don't write "Ghost Crew" all over your party host's walls.

2. Sabine Wren

We are addicted to the Ahsoka show, and could only dream of having the snarky gravitas that Rosario Dawson brings to the character. And the Jedi skills, of course. But the snark is a tad more realistic for us.

3. Ahsoka Tano

Putting together an Ezra Bridger 'fit might be one of the less complicated and more comfy Star Wars costume options. As long as you don't try to include a pet purrgil. Although we're impressed you'd consider it.

4. Ezra Bridger

Hera does it all: a Revolutionary leader, a pilot, a general, a mom, and she looks damn hot in the process. We often feel like we're at our best when things are at their worst, too. Like when we drop our breakfast burrito in the car.

5. Hera Syndulla

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