Meet Starbucks New Oleato Drinks Which All Include a Spoonful of Olive Oil

Want olive oil in your coffee? No? Well, then you might not want to take a look at Starbucks' Oleato drinks.  The coffee brand has launched a new line of beverages in Italy, all of which are infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil, and they're coming to the States soon.

This latte is made with Blonde Espresso Roast and olive oil steamed together with oat milk. Plant-based drinkers rejoice! But not too loud. We're napping.

Hazelnut syrup makes a triumphant return in this shaken espresso. Sure, it's underneath a layer of Blonde Espresso and oat milk and olive oil and ice. But, it's there! :waves:

Their golden foam — perhaps a nod to actual alchemy — combines Partanna extra virgin olive oil with vanilla sweet cream foam. The elevation you feel afterwards is probably due to the caffeine, not enlightenment, though.

Starbucks has officially launched an Espresso Martini., but only in Milan so far. This drink combines Starbucks Reserve Espresso, vodka and vanilla bean syrup and is then topped with Golden Foam.

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