These Gel Nail Designs Will Last Longer Than Summer

These aren’t just any summer nail designs – they’re all created using gel nail polish. The main difference between gel polish and regular nail polish is that gel needs to be cured under a UV lamp, making them last longer.

1. Floral Gel Nail Design

As the real flowers wither away in this heat, your nails can immortalize them forever. Or, for two to three weeks until they start chipping.

2. Mermaid’s Tears Press-Ons

These 3D nails are made using Apres Gel X nail polish and come in any shape and size imaginable. 

3. Evil Eye Minimalist Nails

We always get the evil eye and the stank eye mixed up, but we’re definitely experts at one of them.

4. Multicolor French Tips

Best for those with an extensive nail polish collection. Can we move in?

5. Marbled Ocean Nails

Get a piece of the ocean without even leaving your couch. You have some serious work to do on that DVR queue. HGTV ain’t gonna watch itself!

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