22 Must-Watch New Summer Movies for 2023

Movie theaters are already heating up this summer with blockbusters like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse earning rave reviews — but this is only the beginning. The summer movies for 2023 promise to give us everything from game-changing superhero movies to quirky comedies to a Sundance Film Festival winner.

1. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (June 9)

The latest entry in the Transformers franchise promises to introduce us to a new team of robot “Maximals” that transform into different jungle beasts.

2. The Blackening (June 16)

By this point, the horror movie trope of killing off the African-American member of a group first has been done so many times, it’s become as cliché as it is offensive. So, director Tim Story took that idea and made a whole movie about it with the tagline “We can’t all die first.”

3. Elemental (June 16)

Elemental takes us to a world inhabited by elemental beings who represent the elements. While they tend to keep to their own kind, that changes when fire element Ember discovers she’s perfect for water element Wade… aside from the fact that they can’t touch without destroying each other.

4. Insidious: The Red Door (July 7)

The fifth entry in the Insidious franchise, Insidious: The Red Door follows the Lambert family as they continue warding off evil spirits who want to possess their bodies and return to the land of the living.

5. Barbie (July 21)

She’s a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…at least until she’s expelled from Barbieland for being less-than-perfect and goes on a journey to find happiness. Doesn’t have quite the same ring as the song, but it does sound like a great plot for a movie by Greta Gerwig.

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