Turn Up the Heat With These Trendy Summer Nail Colors for 2023

Summertime means it’s time to break out the sunscreen, sandals, and, of course, these stunning summer nail colors for 2023. What? A few bottles of nail polish isn’t a staple in your beach bag? We have so much to teach you.

1. WitchCult Nail Lacquer in Ultraviolet, $12.00

Just try not to do the “Bejeweled” shimmer dance when you have this shiny, neon, purple polish on your nails. And now, good luck getting that song out of your head. Oops!

2. OPI Nail Lacquer in Summer Monday-Fridays, $11.49

This is your sign to follow a Summer Monday through Friday schedule. We’re sure your boss will be fine with it. Just tell her you saw it on the Internet, and everything there is true!

3. ILNP Holographic Shimmer Nail Polish in Summer Lovin’

Go all-in on the Space Cowboy aesthetic with this shimmery summer nail color. And then ask Elon if you can get on the next flight outta here. We hear Mars has great beaches.

4. Color Club So Lit Neon Nail Lacquer in Rum-Running Yellow

Give a warm welcome to sunny summer days with this bright hue. Okay, okay, not that warm!

5. KBShimmer Nail Polish in Pink or Swim

Why did Barbie walk into a bubblegum shop? To get this summer nail color. What do you mean we need to work on our jokes?

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