Heat Things Up With These 19 Summer Nail Designs

We made to summer, hot girls! Things are getting so hot that we desperately need to find a giant container of something cold, be that pool water or hard seltzer. Start by cooling off your nails with splashes of these summer nail designs.

1. Watermelon Nails

Pros of this Beardyboy Creative-inspired watermelon design by Maria: it’s a mating call for Harry Styles. Cons: you don’t get to do a seed spitting contest.

2. S'mores Summer Nails

We don’t need to be melodramatic, but we need these cartoon s’mores  nails more than we need a fruit and veggie platter at a potluck. OK that’s not a high bar, but still.

3. Picnic Nails

Actual ants at a picnic? Not the best. Cute ants on nails? Great. Flik from A Bug’s Life? Innovating, inspiring, and…we digress.

4. White Swirl Glitter Nails

Ali Dangel transformed the best summer treat into these delicious nail design, complete with waffle cone tips. If they start melting down your hands, you’ve made them too realistic.

5. Swimming Pool Nails

Nail artist Wendy Gray is making a splash with these swimming nails. They’re going to look really great wrapped around our poolside drink. Speaking of…how do we get another one of those?

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