Target Has Outdone Themselves With Their 2023 Valentine’s Day Collection

We’re still in shock that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, but recent visits to Target have confirmed the fact. For all of our needs, we’re turning to the Target Valentine’s Day collection for 2023. Also for all of our wants. But no one can tell us we don’t need a felt heart wreath.

1. Ribbed Heart-Shaped Pillow

This throw pillow comes in three different colors. And it’s ribbed, which makes two things this Valentine’s Day.

2. Pink Folded Heart Throw Blanket

How much do you love this throw blanket? Would you still love it if it were a worm?

3. 72″ Felt Polka-Dotted Heart Garland

Our toxic trait is buying this and then leaving it up all year. Right next to the pumpkin we painted in 2019.

4. Mini Candle Gift Set

Almond shortbread, red velvet cupcake, and raspberry apple blossom are the featured fragrances in this mini candle gift set. We’ve already got burnt brownies covered.

5. Mini BFF Birds

Buy this one as a Galentine’s gift for your bestie. One for you, one for them. And none for Gretchen Wieners.

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