26 Valentine’s Day Gifts For 2024 That Prove Target Is The Real Cupid

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Which corner? We don’t know, but it’s around here somewhere. To prepare for Cupid’s big arrival, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts to give your sweetie from the Target Valentine’s Day 2024 collection. After all, Cupid may have the arrow, but Target’s got the..well, target. What? It just makes sense.

1. I Love You More Than Bacon Towel

We know it’s bad to start a relationship on a lie, but this towel is just so stinkin’ cute. Even though it's impossible to love a person more than bacon.

2. Valentine’s Day Rib Plush Heart Throw Pillow

When they said ribbed for her pleasure, they meant this ribbed heart-shaped throw pillow. Wait, they didn’t? It means what?

3. Red Cami Bra Lingerie

I feel like you knew there was going to be lingerie on this list, since it’s Valentine’s Day and all. Just keep in mind that the real gift to your partner comes about when the bra is on the floor. You know, after you've built a pillow fort and gifted him this gorgeous lace bra.

4. Dash Pink Heart Mini Waffle Maker

What’s better than a waffle? A heart-shaped one from this perfectly sweet mini waffle maker. And what’s better than that? We’ll think on that while we enjoy our waffles.

5. Figural Heart-Shaped Mug

Our Valentine can’t have our heart until we have our coffee, so this heart-shaped mug is a perfect fit. The red mug is simple, but somehow still says a lot. Like, "wake up!"

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