Win Thanksgiving Without Having To Cook With This Nail Art

Thanksgiving is all about serving. Serving food, serving your friends and family, and most importantly, serving looks. Yet too many forget their nails when planning their turkey day outfit. But, with this Thanksgiving nail art, you'll never fall into that trap again. And now you have something to do while everyone else is baking.

1. Corduroy Nail Art

No idea how to recreate this ribbed mani, but we do know how to cut up our old corduroy pants and we happen to be pretty handy with glue. There's no way this could go wrong.

2. Thanksgiving Sides Nail Design

We appreciate that stuffing is not the easiest thing to make look aesthetic on French tip nails, but its absence is noted. Don't even get us started on the potatoes.

3. Cute Thanksgiving Nails

We strive to be as happy as that satiated cat on Thanksgiving. And any time someone throws glitter in the mix, we're sold. This does not apply to our green bean casserole.

4. Modern Turkey Nail Art

Never has a turkey carcass ever looked so cute. We would totally swipe it right onto our plate.

5. Pumpkin Pie Nails

This Thanksgiving-themed nail art take on the skittles manicure trend features browns, oranges, neutrals, and a pumpkin pie accent nail.

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