Thanksgiving Nail Colors That Will Match All Your Favorite Foods

As much as we'd like to think we're in control, nothing can change the passing of time. So as we see the end of Halloween, we have our sights set on Thanksgiving. In preparation for this foodie festival, we're filling our vanity with the hottest Thanksgiving nail colors of the year.

1. OPI Nail Lacquer in Squeaker of the House

If you're looking for a foolproof Thanksgiving nail color, you really can't go wrong with brown. Plus, it'll match all the food on your plate. Extra stuffing, hold the veggies.

2. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Beet, Pray, Love

Another classic color for Turkey Day is burgundy, and this gel nail polish is the perfect shade. It's so strong that it won't chip, no matter how hard you go on the appetizers.

3. OPI Nail Lacquer in Yank My Doodle

Orange is a tried-and-true fall nail polish color, and for good reason. Nothing screams autumn like the official color of pumpkins. No, white pumpkins, you don't count.

4. Essie Nail Polish in Transcend the Trend

Maybe you want nails that are a little more creative than brown or orange. Enter: teal blue. It's muted enough to work for the fall, but bold enough to make a statement. Bonus points if the statement is, "pass the pie!"

5. Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer in Good Gossip

This nail polish color is called "Good Gossip," but it should be called "Good Witch." It's giving us major flashbacks to the ruby red slippers in The Wizard of Oz. And we thought our sibling clothes rivalry was intense.

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