14 Thanksgiving Nail Designs That'll Have You Coming Back for Seconds

Pull out your stretchy pants that you definitely didn't live in for all of 2020 – Thanksgiving is on the horizon! And there's no better way to distract your family from trying to marry you off to their friend’s second cousin’s neighbor than with some stellar Thanksgiving nail designs.

1. Thanksgiving Dinner Nails

With each nail featuring its own delectable Thanksgiving dish, it's a great non-verbal way to say you need more gravy, stat.

2. Tiny Turkey Nails

Honey, we shrunk the...turkey? At least the shrink machine gave him a cute little top hat.

3. Glittery Nails

These glittery nails featuring the fall foliage colors of orange and red will make you wish you were at a Thanksgiving rave instead of hanging out at the bar with half of your graduating class.

4. Leaf Accent Nails

These fall leaves are almost as good as the real thing. Now all you need is someone to check you for ticks.

5. Pilgrim Nails

If a turkey says “gobble gobble” and no one is around to hear it, he's probably surviving another year.

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