18 Thanksgiving Nail Designs That Are (Almost) As Good As Pie

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Have you ever considered Thanksgiving nails as an accessory to your food baby? Remember those hand-drawn (literally – we traced our hands) turkeys you did in elementary school? It is now time to put those amazing art skills to use.

1. Oh My Pie Nails

Pay homage to the MVP of Thanksgiving foods. Use a nail stamping plate to save yourself the effort of hand painting — effort you can put into making this year’s pies edible.

2. Floral Thanksgiving Nails

These hand-painted floral nails are probably the most difficult design on this list, but are too pretty to ignore. Maybe you can practice between first and second dinner?

3. Plaid Fall Nails

Who knew Grandma’s Thanksgiving tablecloth could inspire your next manicure? If the straight lines are giving you geometry anxiety, use a little nail tape and a detail brush.

4. Cute Pumpkin Nails

These cute little pumpkin nails are perfect if you want something that says “Thanksgiving” without going full turkey. We’re actually going cold turkey on full turkey which — don’t ask.

5. Turkey Nails

Get your parade on with this fun and festive manicure. Combine burgundy and off-white nails, a freehanded turkey, and some colorful glitter on top.

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