These Are The 21 Trendiest Fall Nail Colors for 2023

The golden days of summer are slowly being chased away by a crisp in the air: Fall is nearly here. As we prepare for the first PSL of the season, we’re brushing up on upcoming beauty trends, like the prettiest Fall nail colors for 2023.

1. Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Go For Gold

Gold shimmery nail polish is traditionally reserved for the holiday season, but what can we say, we're rebels. Our cause is that we like shiny things.

2. essie Nail Polish in Master Plan

Remember when groutfits (entirely grey outfits) were a thing? It’s back. Grey is the new black. Just kidding, that’s just a thing people say. Black can never be replaced in our hearts. Only…scooched over.

3. CND Vinylux Nail Polish in Denim Patch

Denim-on-denim is a trend we thought we’d seen the last of in the late ’90s. But go on and get matchy-matchy with this medium-blue nail polish shade.

4. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Quick Fire

Burnt orange is to fall as… something stereotypically summer is to summer. Watermelon? The beach? Sweating through three shirts before the day is out?

5. OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish in You Sustain Me

It’s purple’s year, and this deeper, more muted tone of mauve is the perfect way to embrace the color for fall. Yes, your nail polish bottle does consent to hugs.

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