17 Tropical Nail Designs That’ll Give You Jurassic Park Vibes

Tropical nails are the missing piece of your vacation puzzle. You’ve got the flight booked, out of office message set, and your entire summer wardrobe packed. P.S. You probably don’t need that sixth ball gown.

1. Tropical Bird Accent Nails

To achieve this look, simply paint each nail a different bright, summery color, and then apply for art school while you’re waiting for them to dry.

2. Ocean Nails

We can practically feel the ocean breeze in our hair already. Or is that just Subway?

3. Betty Boop Luau Nails

When even the sun looks hot, you know it’s an inside kind of day. Margarita, anyone?

4. Neon Tie Dye Nails

Get the tie dye look without staining your hands blue and ruining your couch. Just us?

5. Multicolor Tropical Nails

How tropical is too tropical? Well don’t ask us. We haven’t taken off this Hawaiian shirt in three weeks. Yes, our roommates have…noticed.

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