These Ugly Christmas Sweaters Will Make You a Hit At Every Holiday Party

Gone are the days when you’d make fun of your mom for wearing a hideous holiday sweater. Wearing outrageous ugly Christmas sweaters in 2022 is its own vibe. And the uglier, the better.

1. Christmas Cat Sweater

Gift this one to your favorite cat lover whose cat is most definitely not plotting their demise. Maybe throw in some catnip for good measure?

2. Grinch Christmas Sweater

Who stole our planner and shared it with the Grinch? But make sure you cross out “jazzercise.” We just learned about a way more fun method of fitness.

3. A Christmas Story Sweater

This sweater is great for when you want to be festive, but also warn everyone of your current mental status. No one ever said we can’t multitask.

4. Reproductive Rights Sweater

Our favorite holiday tradition is picking out the year’s most controversial (read: best) ugly Christmas sweater to wear to family gatherings. Bonus points for repeating “Sleigh the patriarchy!” all night.

5. Beer Pong Sweater

We don’t know what everyone else’s reason for the season is, but ours is beer pong. This one comes with six Velcro ping pong balls. We’ll bring the sweater. Santa’s got the beer.

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