60 Trendy Valentine's Day Nail Ideas To Fall In Love With

If you want to think outside of the heart-shaped box this February, these Valentine's Day nail ideas are for you. There are red and pink hearts, of course. But these trendy nail designs go beyond the tacky and the traditional. We found nail art ideas full of simple hues, glitter polish, geometric designs, and candy hearts that we don't recommend eating.

1. Wavy Red and Pink

These pink and red waves are a fun and funky take on traditional stripes.

2. Red Diagonal

If at-home nail art isn’t in your skill set (hi, same), then you’ll love these press-on nails by Wonderlies. They combine a bold red polish with negative space to create a charming diagonal look.

3. Love Manicure

Try your hand at hand-drawing these heart ornaments to spell out love or any other four-letter word you desire. Try to keep it PG.

4. Simple Hearts

Pair your favorite pale pink shade with a natural nail covered in heart stickers like these ones that you can find on Amazon.

5. Tic-Tac-Toe

These fun nails will hopefully be the only game you’re playing this V-Day. Pair a detail brush and a heart stencil with a lot of patience to recreate this playful look. On second thought, anyone up for a round of Settlers of Catan?

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