23 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs We're Crushing On

1. Pink and Red Pinstripes

Grab all those different shades of reds, pinks, and nudes, some nail tape, and several hours because this design is probably going to take patience. And a mimosa.

2. Pastel Rainbow Valentine Candy Hearts

Give us conversation heart candy, but hold the conversation.

3. Strawberrys And Hearts

This fun design includes cute strawberries, a groovy heart, and glittery red polish. All that's missing is chocolate!

4. White Heart Tips

This dainty design lets you to wear your heart on your nails. Just the tip, though.

5. Red Diagonal Press-On Nails

If at-home nail art isn’t in your skill set, then you’ll love these press-on nails. And if you're running out of red polish, then you'll love this idea, too.

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