Everything You Need For The Best Wednesday Addams Costume

Wednesday Addams is the homicidal older child of the spookiest and ookiest family around, the Addams Family. She is the embodiment of darkness, with a fascination for all things death. We're working to manifest her strong "don't talk to me" energy, so we're studying all of these Wednesday Addams costume ideas.

This dress cut is one of Wednesday’s signatures, going all the way back to the New Yorker cartoon where we first met her. While she has had many looks over time, this dress is the wardrobe basic threaded throughout various incarnations. Again, don’t tell her we called her basic.

The darker the hair, the darker the soul. Though when you look into her eyes, it's unclear if a soul is even in there.

The soles on these need to be heavy enough that your threats of pain and punishment don’t seem empty.

No part of your body should see sunlight, not even your legs.

Everyone needs a friend, though this one often acts as an accomplice.

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