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What Are Packzi? (Hint: It's the Polish Donut You’ve Been Missing Out On)

Dessert is nice. And dessert for breakfast is even better. Especially when it’s deep fried and loaded with a sweet filling. But we’re not talking about donuts here. We’re talking about paczki, a Polish doughnut-like treat that’s popular during Mardi Gras in the Midwest.

What Are Paczki?

Paczki are Polish donuts made with a sweet filling, like jelly or cream, and dusted with powdered sugar on the top. They’re usually enjoyed on Fat Tuesday, which is the last day before Lent begins.

Paczki were originally created as both a way to indulge before Lent and a way to use up ingredients that people typically stopped consuming  during this time, like sugar, butter, and milk.

Why Are Paczki So Popular  in the Midwest?

That’s primarily due to the number of Polish immigrants in the area. Chicago has a large Polish population, so it’s not surprising they brought their jelly-filled doughnuts with them. They could have left the wind, though.

How Do You Pronounce Paczki Properly?

The Polish treat is pronounced “pohnch-kee.” And keep in mind, that is the plural form. The word “paczkis” is not real. If for some wild reason, you’re only getting one, the word is paczek, pronounced “pohnch-eck.”

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