23 Winter Nail Designs For Cold Weather Glamour

Somehow, the seasonal change always sneaks up on us. We're still trying to get away with wearing dresses without tights, but these Winter nail designs are our wakeup call. We can't choose our favorite from these looks—sparkles, chrome, snowflakes, glazed, or even classic red and green, we love them all.

1. Periwinkle Snowstorm

This charming set is helping us feel excited for the season's first snow. Just don't talk to us after the sixth, we'll be baking under our SAD lamp.

2. Red Tips

Metallic red is always a classic for a Christmas look, so we adore these tips. The tiny mid-century style stars add some fun that pairs well with a Martini.

3. Brown-tone Hearts

These pretty heart designs incorporate every shade of chocolate, from white to dark. Now no one will notice if we get a little messy devouring those holiday truffles.

4. Princess Sparkles

The subtle gold leaf glimmer on these soft pink nails is an elevated holiday look. It'll look so classy on your raised pinky while you down Fireball shots at the office party.

5. Celestial Mani

We didn't realize technology had advanced to the point of getting to have these space age robot unicorn nails. Do we have to use AI to make these?

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