We Asked A Dermatologist For Winter Skincare Tips, And These Are Their Recommendations

We try to embrace winter—pie, presents, peppermint bark. But when it comes with dull skin, cracked knuckles, and itchy flakes all over our body, we are in desperate need of some winter skincare tips. We all know the basics. Keep hydrated, use moisturizer, don't get sunburned. But we needed some insider guidance to do it correctly and make sure that we're keeping as soft, supple, and (pleasantly) greasy as possible.

1. Take shorter showers

Dr. Weimann recommends showering just two to three times per week, and suggests "limiting bathing to less than 10 minutes in lukewarm (not hot) water to help prevent significant water loss from the skin." Your water bill is a happy co-conspirator.

2. Avoid harsh soaps and all bubble baths

Use only gentle soaps that are hydrating and fragrance free. Some she recommends are Dove Beauty Sensitive Skin Bar Soap (Unscented) and Vanicream Cleansing Bar.

3. Look Ma, just hands

Apply the soap or cleanser to your skin gently using just your hands. Say good-bye to loofahs, sponges, and washcloths. Those things lock in bacteria and don't actually help you get clean.

4. A little dab will do it

When you dry off, just dab or pat gently with a towel. "Avoid scrubbing or rubbing," Dr. Weimann says, "this may further dry the skin."

5. Greasy is good

Moisturize right away after bathing. Dr. Weimann says that thicker, more emollient formulas such as ointments are more effective at hydration than creams, and creams are better than lotions.

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