Celebrate Another Trip Around The Sun With These Zodiac Cake Ideas

We may not be birthday party experts, but we’re pretty sure that the best way to celebrate another trip around the sun is with these Zodiac cake ideas. And extra frosting. And hopefully a really good horoscope.

1. Aquarius—Jan 20 to Feb 18

It is the age of Aquarius with this gravity-defying Zodiac cake. The water-bearer is given an epic icing treatment atop this cool cake. We’re so grateful to learn that frosting and water are interchangeable.

Photo Credit: @thelulucherie

2. Scorpio — October 23 to November 21

For the passionate water sign Scorpio, this cake puts the scorpion center stage. It’s a not-so-subtle reminder to your friends that they shouldn’t cross you.

Photo Credit: @marymecake

3. Leo — July 23 to August 22

Celebrate your birthday as the true royalty you are with this Leo cake. It’s super extra, and there’s a bunch of gold, so anyone who falls under this fire sign will love it. 

Photo Credit: @sweetpeacakess

6. Virgo — August 23 to September 22

This pretty cake has the Virgo symbol front and center. We know you ordered it six months in advance, so we hope it came out to your exact specifications. 

Photo Credit: @bakemydayyyc

13. Single-Tier Zodiac Cake Idea

Celebrate all your friends at once with this Zodiac cake including all the signs. Just be sure to get your slice before Scorpio and Gemini start fighting again.

Photo Credit: @prism_delicacies

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