67 Funny Couples Costume Ideas to Dress Up As This Year

Funny couples costumes are the only legit reason to be in a romantic relationship as far as we’re concerned. Sure, splitting rent is why the couples we know stay together, but if it weren’t for the prospect of being the best-dressed twosome at Halloween, we might have stuck with singledom.

You could likely re-create the classic fitness stars Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda pretty easily, or you can buy Richard and Jane costumes.

1. Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda

Perfect for South Park fans and lazy portrait artists.

2. South Park's Terrance and Phillip

We love Halloween costumes that you can create with what’s already in your closet. Or that you can painstakingly put together with many separate purchases.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas

Just like our weekly planner, this list has two Wednesdays. The planner was on discount!

4. Wednesday & Cousin Itt

Millennials and our obsession with avocado toast get a bad rep, at least we'll never own a house.

5. Millenials

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