The Best Finds From the Bath & Body Works Halloween Collection

Water Globe Eye Pedestal 3-Wick Candle Holder

We can see this candle holder being the perfect focal piece for your coffee table. Should someone check on Cyclops, though?

Ivy Hand Foam Soap Holder

Subtle enough to not scare any kids, and also to keep in your bathroom year-round. Talk about versatility!

Spooky Pumpkin Night Light

Turn a dreary midnight into a bright and scented evening with this Poe-approved pumpkin-raven night light.

Iridescent Skull Pedestal

Hamlet is rolling over in his grave knowing that he missed out on this decor idea. Yorick, on the other hand, is pretty happy about it.

Light-Up Monster Tree Candle Pedestal

Bring a haunted forest into your living room with this glowing tree candle holder. Moss not included.

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