The 21 Best Anthropologie Gift Ideas For Christmas

Looking for stylish gift ideas? These Anthropologie gift ideas only look like you spent a fortune, and everyone will love them. Especially you. Ever heard the phrase, "treat yourself?" Whether your budget is $25 or $100, we have found the most gorgeous, unique, and quirky Anthropologie gifts to buy in 2023.

1. Tree Marble Cheese Board

Is it cheesy to say that we think this tree-shaped cheese board is absolutely in-cheddar-able? Don't answer that. Sometimes you ask, but you don't really want to know.

2. Catherine Martin Starry Night Wine Glasses

Wishing on a star for some beautiful wine glasses? Weird thing to wish for. I mean, here you go, but maybe next time, wish for world peace or something.

3. Hot Air Balloon Monogram Ornament

You know how when your aunt "jokes" with you about how you’re the only cousin without kids, you wish you could fly away from the conversation? This hot air balloon ornament won’t actually help you do that. But it sure is pretty.

4. Charm Bracelet

Remember the days of collecting charms for your charm bracelet based on your personality? Soccer player? Soccer ball charm. Aspiring singer? Music note. Failing chemistry? Uh, maybe you skipped that one.

5. Festive Bistro Tile Monogram Mug

This festive tile mug is giving us Grand-Central-Station-on-Christmas vibes. But without the claustrophobia-inducing people. And rats. And the smell of urine in the air. You know what, we’ll just stay home.

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