These Fall Foliage Airbnbs Are Perfect For Leaf Peeping

1. Cozy Urban A Frame, Brunswick, Maine

We give this first home an A+ rating! Its maine feature is not one, not two, but three outdoor seating areas. Hopefully the leaves don't get stage fright.

2. Architect's Brookside Cabin, Franconia, New Hampshire

This self-proclaimed chalet plops you down right in the middle of the woods. It may look moody on the outside, but the wood-burning stove makes the inside warm and inviting. And good thing, because you'll need to invite a few friends to fill it up.

3. Upscale Retreat With Panoramic White Mountain Views, Intervale, New Hampshire

You'll be able to see the fall foliage from every angle in this Airbnb as panoramic mountain views greet you throughout the house. You know, in case you forgot why you went all the way to New Hampshire.

4. The Canopy House, Stowe, Vermont

This next pick was awarded as one of the top Airbnb's in New England by Condé Nast and Boston Globe. If you can time it right, Stowe is known for incredible foliage. So, pull yourself out of the impeccably designed interior, and enjoy the lovely leaves from the balcony and patio.

5. Cozy Vermont Cabin and Sauna, Marshfield, Vermont

For a more intimate affair, cozy up in this Nordic-inspired cabin that features a standalone sauna. The description says it best: "Glamping and leaf peeping fun! Rustic romantic, hobo hideaway, bohemian hermitage, Nordic nook."

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