The Game Can Wait, Feast Your Eyes On These Super Bowl Cakes Instead

Game on, bakers. Super Bowl LVII will be here on February 12, 2023. And even if you’ve already finalized your menu and picked your dips, these Super Bowl cakes are sure to throw a wrench in those plans. Or football. Or it’s back, if it’s anything like us.

1. Football Cake

This cake is so lifelike, we can practically smell the leather from here. We’re only a little bitter that the design makes it impossible for us to slyly scoop up a taste of icing while no one’s watching.

2. Striped Super Bowl Cake

This cake is a real touchdown. Now we have icing on our hands! Great!

3. Super Bowl Sheet Cake

This sheet cake plays the role of “field,” and the chocolate-covered strawberries are in the supporting positions of “footballs.” We’re not experts, but we’re pretty sure there’s only one football allowed on the field at one time.

4. Abstract Super Bowl Cake

This cake is so cute we almost forgot the game was on. No no, our attention span has nothing to do with that.

5. Super Bowl Halftime Cake

If the halfway point means not only Rihanna, but also a slice of this cake topped with chocolate-dipped strawberries, we have to agree. Hurry up, boys.

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