These Christmas Pajamas Will Still Be Funny After the Eggnog Wears Off

‘Tis the season to wear funny Christmas pajamas. Fa la la la…no? That’s not how the song goes? Well anyway, while we’ve got you here…check out these hilarious Christmas PJs! No need to thank us. All in a day’s work for us elves.

1. Christmas Tree Toss Game Jumpsuit

Turn Christmas morning into a game! This onesie comes with velcro “ornaments” that stick to the tree, so your loved ones get to throw balls at you and test out their aim.

2. I Put Out For Santa Pajama Set

Now you can simultaneously be on the nice and naughty list. Why are we not surprised that they both involve cookies?

3. Grinch Sweater

Owning up to your fiendish ways with a delightfully playful sweater might just trick Santa into putting you on the nice list. Uh…not that we didn’t think you were there already…

4. Men’s Gingerbread One Piece

You are going to look delicious in this! Let’s hope no one tries don’t to eat you. Or does. Whatever you’re into.

5. Chest Nuts Couples Pajama Shirts

We love the layers of puns with this couples pajama set. It’s perfect for staying nice and toasty next to an open fire. Okay, okay not that close!

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