19 Spooky Halloween Candles to Scare Your Friends With

1. Molded Skull Candles

These skull-shaped candles are the perfect Halloween decoration. If our skull isn’t this sparkly, we don’t even want it.

2. Ghost Halloween Candles

These packs of four mini ghost candles are so cute, you might not even mind that the ghosts got into your linens again.

3. Skeleton Candle

If you’ve ever dipped your finger in hot candle wax and then let it harden, then you know exactly what this dude feels like right now. Crusty, sticky bliss.

4. PyroPet Cat Skeleton Candle

As this cat candle melts, it reveals the skeleton underneath. It serves as both a fun party trick, and an ominous reminder to your cat to stop peeing on the rug.

5. Spooky Cider Lane Candle

Add this spooky candle to your witch hand candle holder for a good vibe. Lucky for you, the vibe smells like bourbon-glazed apples, maple syrup, and vanilla.

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